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Adjustable Hand Grip

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Adjustable Hand Grip
Adjustable Hand Grip Demonstration of Hand Grip Dial incrasing and decreasing to adjust Tension Contoured Grip of Hand Grip Hand Grip Spring Tension Hand Grip in Case Hand Grip in Case Back Side
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Adjustable Hand Grip Description

It's simple: Adjust, Grip, Squeeze!

The Adjustable Hand Grip is an effective way to strengthen your hand grip and tone your arm muscles. Built for high-repetition endurance training, the Adjustable Hand Grip includes variable weight increments from 10kg to 40 kg of resistance. By simply turning the knob back and forth, you are able to find the ideal tension for your exercises and increase the resistance as your strength improves. Perfect for anyone wishing to build hand and forearm strength or anyone in the beginning stages of rehabilitation. It's also a great way to relieve stress!

The grip is constructed of moulded thermoplastic handles featuring aerospace cushioning inserts moulded into the handles for added comfort. Comfortably fitting into small or large hands the handles thermoplastic rubbers are in a class of copolymers (a material derived from two others, in this case typically Plastic and Rubber) and are typically used in household appliances and the automotive industry. They have the ability to be stretched to moderate elongations and return to something of its original shape when cooled. They are also absent of any significant creep meaning that your grip won't suffer from deformation after rigorous use.

Features of the Adjustable Hand Grip include:

  • Compact Size

  • Black & Grey/Silver Colour

  • Heavy Duty Grip Exercisers

  • Adjustable resistance via a dial

  • 10kg to 40kg of Resistance!

  • Contoured Handles for Comfort

  • Thermoplastic Rubber Soft Hand Grip

  • Heavy Spring thickness (2.8mm)

Looking for more resistance?
Extra Strong Hand Gripper!

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