» Aerobic Step Board (90cm long)

Aerobic Step Board (90cm long)

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Aerobic Step Board (90cm long)
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Aerobic Step Board (90cm long) Description

The Aerobic Step Board is designed for step-ups and step aerobics and when combined with light hand weights can be utilised for a complete cardio and aerobic workout featuring low impact plyometric (Fast & Powerful) drills which helpt to build up strength in the muscles and bones in weight bearing positions. Such a cardio workout provides the same benefits as a typical run, but because of the platform, these exercises are far easier on your joints.

  • Easily Adjustable Levels using supplied risers.
  • 4 Step Blocks/Risers (each 5cm high).
  • Groove, Non-Slip Surface.
  • Sturdy, stable frame.
  • Perfect for Cardio & Aerobics

  • Strong Weight Capacity of 200kg.
  • Dimensions: 90cm (Length) x 30cm (Width) x 10 - 20cm (Adjustable Height)

The Aerobic Step Board requires no construction, but does come with a number of extra Step Blocks or Risers that allow you to increase the height of the board and therefore increase the intensity of the steps in your workout. The board's surface is made of a grooved, non-slip, sturdy plastic surface, giving you the grip you need while you work the weight away.

As the board makes your workout easier on your joints, the overall quality of the workout is better than running and with a weight capacity of 400kg's, this is a quality product that can easily become an essential part of any cardio or aerobic enthusiasts' workout.

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