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Weight Machine Attachments

Here at Fitness Market we stock a range of Weight Machine Attachments to make the most from your equipment.

Purpose of weight machine attachments

Weight machine attachments are extremely useful for expanding upon the exercises your weight machine allows you to perform. By switching attachments you can work a large range of muscle groups, allowing you to make the most from your workouts.

Different kinds of Attachments

  • Lateral bar - Lat bars enable you to target your back and bicep muscles, and the parrallel grip variation enables you to put more focus on your lower lat muscles and biceps.
  • Tricep Pulldown rope and bar - these attachments allow you to target your tricep muscles, the rope and sollid bar variations allow you to change the angle and focus area targeted when performing the exercise.
  • Single and Double handle - the handle attachments have a number of uses, being able to perform close grip lat pulls, rows, tricep pushdowns, bicep curls and more.
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