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Ab Rocket Twister
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Ab Rocket Twister Description

Strengthen and tone your core with the Ab Rocket Twister - a unique training machine to develop a rock-hard tummy and get fit at the same time!

Like having a gym for your abs, the AB Rocket twister is designed to deliver amazing results by focusing on targeted abdominal areas to help create a sleeker, slimmer and better defined you. The tight abdominal area focus cuts your workout time in half so that you can get the results where you want them without wasting any time.

The Ab Rocket Twister lets you work out and train your abdominal muscles all in the comfort of your own home. Get toned and defined abs without having to go to the gym and paying expensive fees to work out on large pieces of equipment.

The Ab Rocket Twister provides an up and down motion as well as a twisting, side-to-side motion which works to reduce the strain on your back and neck while firming and toning up your abdominal muscles, bum, thighs, arms, chest and shoulders. It provides a thorough cardio workout session as well as strengthening your core muscles.

The Ab Rocket Twister lets you work out your abs and is a more enjoyable way to do crunches and sit-ups than the traditional method but with the same result. All areas of your stomach will be worked out such as the upper, lower abs as well as the obliques all in one simple movement. To add extra calorie burning there are 3 levels of resistance for all fitness levels. Easy to assemble and foldable for easy storage, this Ab Rocket Twister is the exercise machine you need to get those abs you've always been dreaming of!

Features of the AB Rocket Twister include:

  • AB Rocket Twister is sturdy and made to last as well as give you the results you're after.
  • Adjustable head support strengthens your core without straining your neck.
  • Cylinder Launch Technology with padded back supports your neck and back safely and comfortably.
  • Three levels of resistance offer something for all fitness levels.
  • Padded swivel seat lets you twist and turn your lower body comfortably.
  • Foam grip handle for even more added comfort.
  • Folds away for easy storage - great for smaller spaces.
  • Includes workout DVD - set and Blast Away the Calories meal plan that's easy to follow.
  • The back cushions roll while you work out so it's like a massage for your back at the same time.

Ab Rocket Twister - lady demonstration

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