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Fitness Monitors

Measure and monitor your fitness performance and improvement.

A fitness monitor is a compact device that allows you to observe and watch your body statistics during exercise. It usually consists of two elements, a chest strap transmitter and a wrist watch, and is a fantastic way to measure your heart rate during a workout. The most popular fitness monitors are a heart rate monitor or activity monitor.

There are a wide number of designs, with a range of advanced features and capabilities. These include average heart rate over exercise period, time in a specific heart rate zone, calories burned, and detailed logging services that can be downloaded to a computer or mobile.
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How can a Heart Rate Monitor benefit your training?

Heart rate monitors provide a large range of beneficial information that enables you to make the most from your workouts. A monitor is able to safely record and manage your health statistics, track your progress and see how far you can push yourself to a personal best.

Monitoring your Heart Rate

When you exercise, your heart rate naturally increases. To ensure optimum health, you should maintain your heart rate in a specific target zone, or a limit how high you can allow your heart rate to reach by providing audible alarm from the watch. A heart rate monitor watch is the perfect accessory to enable you to carefully manage your heart rate. The watch pairs with an adjustable chest strap around your chest to quickly and accurately measure your heart rate in real time.

Which Heart Rate monitor will be the most beneficial to you?

There are a large range of heart rate monitors to choose from that vary in price. The majority of models main function is to measure your heart rate, and as the models go up, they feature more useful functions that you can use to incorporate into your daily exercise. These functions allow you to discover a large amount of information from your workouts such as: distance traveled, exercise time, lap times, steps taken, exactly how hard you were working at certain stages, recording personal best times. They can even help manage your sleeping patterns.

Cycling GPS Monitors

Special monitors designed to suit cyclists allow for a large range of useful features to help you make the most from your rides. They allow you to track your speed and distance through highly accurate GPS monitors, allow for weather conditons with barometers, recording of useful data and heart rate guidance. Some even have Test features so you can test and push yourself to your limits. Cycling GPS monitors are a perfect addition to your cycling equipment, so you can reach your true potential.

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