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Push Up Bars

Build your shoulder strength using Push up Bars.

A push up bar is a common strength training accessory used to enhance push-up workouts. Press-ups develop the pectoral muscles and triceps, with ancillary benefits to your entire midsection.
Push up bars assist you to get the most out of your press ups, ensuring you work every muscle in your arms and mid section for a complete body workout. Push-up bars and push up handles also ease the discomfort experienced in the wrists and elbows after the exercise.
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Benefits of using Push Up Bars

A push up exercise is generally performed with your hands or fists on the ground, so what is the point of a push up bar? Using a pushup bar can actually be quite beneficial for you, because the bar handle allows for an increased range of motion (ROM) during the exercise, making your pectorial muscles work harder. It reduces strain on your knuckles and wrists, allowing you to do more pain-free push-ups.

Is a pain-free push up possible?

When performing a normal push up on the ground, your wrist can suffer from severe pain due to the hyper-extension between the hand and wrist. Push up handles reduces this issue by allowing for less stress to be placed upon the wrist and knuckles, allowing you to perform push ups  pain free by maintaining a more neutral position in your wrists and arms.

What is so good about twisting Push Up Handles?

A twist style push up handle can deliver an effective upper body workout, the twist movement enables your body to activate more muscles and engage shoulder rotation into the movement, allowing you to build a powerful upper body.

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