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Stretch Bands, Tubes and Rollers

Stretch your muscles with bands and rollers.

Stretch Bands, Stretch Tubes and Therabands also include resistance bands and resistance tubes. These allow for stretching and light resistance training. Stretch Rollers allow you to stretch your muscles and flex ligaments in your body. At Fitness Market, we have a range of stretch bands, massage balls and rollers available at great prices.

Benefits of using stretch tubes and resistance bands

Stretch and resistance bands are one of the most adaptable fitness accessories around. They are extremely useful for everyone, from athletes at the pinnacle of their sports, to the elderly looking for an exercise to help stay strong and mobile.

Combine with familiar exercises

When combined with familiar exercises, you are able to train to a level that suits you, making a certain exercise more or less difficult. For example, when training to perform pull ups, you may not have the strength to get 5 controlled pull ups out. With the addition of an exercise band you are able to reduce the resistance, and as you get stronger you can move towards unrestricted pull ups.

Rehabilitation use

Resistance bands and tubes are used when recovering from injuries to help regain muscle movement and strength. By performing controlled and steady movements with light resistance you can gradually regain movement and strength in the effected area, slowly moving towards heavier resistance as you recover.

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