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Hand Grippers

Increase your forearm strength and grip.

Hand Grippers are devices used for improving strength in the hands and forearms by training your lower arm muscles for a stronger grip.
A typical hand grip is made with a heavy coil spring with two handles, usually made of plastic or metal, attached to each end of the spring. These hand grippers are high-quality and specialised, designed for serious lower arm strength.

How can Hand Grippers benefit you?

Hand grippers provide you with the ability to increase your hand strength by allowing you to exercise your hand, wrist and forearm. Training with a Hand Grip tool can allow you to increase your reaction speed with your hand, allowing you perform to the best of your ability when playing sports that require quick, strong and effective hand reaction speed.

Hand strength rehabilitation

If you have suffered from a injury that has impacted your hand or forearm strength, a hand gripper is the perfect rehabilitation tool. With adjustable resistance levels, you can gradually build up your strength over time, to recover from your injury, even becoming stronger.

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