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Aerobic Steps and Step Boards

High quality aerobic steps are available from Fitness Market.

An aerobic step is an adjustable elevated platform (the step) that allows you to perform stepping exercises. The height of the step board is adjustable, using a number of blocks or risers attached under the platform. An aerobic step provides a simple yet effective workout.

The step exercise involves first placing one foot, then the other foot on top of the step board and then stepping the first foot and then the other back to the floor. Repeating this simple movement provides an effective aerobic workout. The difficulty can be adjusted by raising the height of the platform using the risers.

At Fitness Market, we have a range of high quality aerobic step platforms available to buy below, and suitable alternatives like mini-trampolines.

Why should you do step exercises?

An aerobic step board helps you to burn calories quickly and effectively by increasing your heart rate and working your leg muscles. The amount of energy you use and "burn" depends on your speed of movement, the step height, and the amount of time you exercise. All this exercise will progressively help you stay fit and lose weight.
Aerobic steps provide endurance training, which helps maintain the health of your cardiovascular system. The strength training component of a step can help improve your gait and balance. It provides flexibility training that enhances joint movements.
In general, aerobics is suitable for all ages, is low cost, and has no restrictions on space or location. The step platforms are made from durable and strong, yet light plastic making it easy to transport and carry around the home.

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