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Training Gloves, Weight lifting Straps and Belts

Lift weight in comfort using gloves and belts.

Training Gloves and Weight-lifting straps include weight lifting gloves, wrist straps and knee wraps, and weight lifting belts. A gym weight lifting glove is usually made from leather or similar strong material. Used to protect the hand from metal weight lifting bars and to provide a better grip on the bar. These gloves allow you to have more reps without sore hands, calluses or wrist ache. Buy cheap weight lifting gloves and belts from Fitness Market with quick delivery Australia-wide.

Why use weight lifting straps, gloves and belts?

There are many benefits to using protection when lifting weights. When performing heavy lifts that put a heavy strain on your joints including back, wrists or knees, it is important to use equipment that will help prevent injury and keep correct form.

  • Weight-lifting Gloves - Used to keep your wrists and knuckles protected. Prevents callus on the palm of your hands and helps provide better grip on the barbell.
  • Wrist wraps - Used to keep your wrists safe and secured if you have wrist pain when performing exercises.
  • Knee wraps - Help keep your knees secured and strong, reduce the risk of knee injuries when performing squats and leg presses.
  • Weight Lifting belts - When performing heavy exercises such as squats and dead-lifts, correct form is essential to prevent injury. Your lower back is the key area that the weight load is placed upon, a weight lifting belt will help keep you lower back and core steady under tension.
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