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Chin Up Bars

Cheap chin up bars available to buy online and in stores.

Chin up bars are designed to help you strengthen and train upper body muscles. The movement begins with the arms extended above the head, gripping a fixed chin-up bar. The body is pulled up until the bar approaches or touches the upper chest. The body is then lowered until the arms are straight, and the exercise is generally repeated, delivering an increase in muscle toning and development. At Fitness Market, we have a discount range of chin up bars online that can assist you to develop and tone your upper body. Browse and buy from our selection of chin up bars today to experience Fitness Markets cheap prices and efficient shipping services Australia wide.

What are the benefits of chin up bars?

Chin up bars are a great piece of exercise equipment, as they allow you to perform the pull up and its variations, some of the best upper body exercises around in the convenience of your own home without bulky equipment.

Pull ups are an effective compound exercise that targets muscles in your back, arms, shoulders and abdominal core. Because of this, pull up exercises are extremely popular amongst athletes, bodybuilders, cross-fitters and anyone looking to build a strong, sculpted body.

What are the different  types of chin up bars?

There are a number of different types of chin up bars to meet everyones needs.

  • Chin Up bars that fit in doorways - A straight bar that secure attaches between your doorway via either a twist-out lock between the door frame, or by locking and wedging itself in place using the top of the door frame.
  • Multiple hand-grip chin up bars - A multiple grip option allows you to perform a larger variety of pull up variations that enable you to target certain muscles of the body while performing the exercise.
  • Wall Mounted Chin Up bars - secured to walls with bolts, the wall mounted chin up bar allows for a more secure platform to perform exercises. These can carry a much heavier person and support kipping style exercise.

A good alternative to chin up bars, is equipment called "Power Towers". These standalone frames allow you to perform chin-ups, dips, vertical knee raises, push-ups and more. Have a look at our range of Power Tower machines.

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