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Weight and Body Fat Scales

Digital body weight scales to measure your weight and body composition.

Weight Scales and Body Fat Scales allow you to measure your weight and/or body fat percentage. Our range of modern bathroom scales have added advanced features that can measure your body fat percentage and body water percentage using specialised electronic nodes. With advanced features that can help to measure your lean mass to fat ratio, the products in this range are ideal for fitness fans as well as anybody who is on a diet and would like to be able to monitor their progress accurately.

What are body fat and weight scales?

Having a scale allows you to track the progress of your fitness goals, this allows you to manage your weight, and with the more advanced models you are able to track your body fat percentage, muscle/fat ratio, body water % and more! All these features allow you to see just how your diet, or training program is performing day by day.

How do Body fat scales work?

Many scales now have body fat percent measurement features, a very popular feature that is highly sought after. The scales gather this measurement by sending an unnoticeable electrical current through the body and then measures the resistance the current experiences as it travels back to the scales. The higher the resistance encountered, the higher your body fat level is.

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