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Tanita UM-040 Body-Fat Scales


Tanita UM-040 Body-Fat Scales
Tanita UM-040 Body-Fat Scales
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Tanita UM-040 Body-Fat Scales Description

The Tanita UM-040 is an entry-level body monitor scale. With a strong glass plate with integrated electrodes, it can measure your weight, body water percentage, metabolic age and body fat percentage.

Features of the Um-040 scales include:

  • Weight (Measures weight in increments of 0.1kg)
  • Body Water % (Indicates the percentage of water in your body)
  • Metabolic Age (Indicates what age level your body is currently at in relation to health)
  • Body Fat % (The percentage of fat in your body)
  • Healthy Indicator Range (Provides a recommended healthy range in a particular age group and gender)
  • Invisible Electrodes (Invisible electrodes are sent through your body in order to take body composition readings, studies have been undertaken and this technology has no apparent side affects. It is recommended though that people with pacemakers and pregnant women don’t use scales with this feature as a precautionary.
  • Construction - Glass
  • Weight Capacity - 150kg
  • Memory Settings- 4 (Stores up to four users information. eg height and age)
  • Warranty (Tanita have an exceptional warranty covering the product for 10 years)

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