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Balance Boards

Improve your balance and core strength.

Balance Boards and Wobble Boards are platforms used for developing core strength and balance. The difficulty of the exercise varies by adjusting the height and incline of the balance boards.

Why use a balance board?

Balance boards are extremely beneficial for increasing your stability, strengthening your core, developing proprioception and even helping in the recovery and prevention of ankle injuries.

How does a balance board help with core strength and stability?

By standing on a balance board, your core muscles engage and begin working together to stay upright and balanced due to the unstable surface. By doing this your body and muscles learn to work together, becoming more stable and stronger by devolping dynamic balance. Having a strong core and good balance is beneficial to athletes and anyone wanting to maintain a strong and healthy body. Furthermore, you can increase the difficulty by performing exercises with weights or body movements to help further develope your core strength while on the balance board.

Help Prevent and recover from ankle injuries

After suffering from an ankle injury, a balance board can become an integral part of rehabilitation by allowing you to regain stable movement in your ankle. Exercising your ankles on a balance board regularly can help reduce your chance to receive an ankle injury.

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