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Buy a quality Gym or Swiss Ball with stronger, thicker material.

A gym ball, also referred to as a Swiss ball, is a fantastic lightweight fitness accessory. The air pressure in our range of gym balls can be easily adjusted and are commonly used in physical training and exercise through sitting, lying or balancing exercises. A primary benefit of exercising with gym balls as opposed to exercising directly on a hard flat surface is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging more muscle groups. Most frequently, the core body muscles the abdominal muscles and back muscles are the focus of exercise ball fitness programs. Fitness Market has a complete selection of high-quality gym ball and Swiss ball products available to buy online or in stores.

What are the benefits of using gym balls?

There are many benefits to using gym balls in your daily exercise regime. The key benefits of gym balls are to increase your body's core muscle strength and balance capabilities, strengthening these can increase your sport performance, improve posture and help relieve lower back pain.

How does a gym ball increase your balance and core strength?

By sitting on the unstable surface of a gym ball, you can force proper spine alignment on your body, helping improve your posture, and teach your body to sit upright. When used for exercise, the unstable surface of the ball forces your core muscles to engage and work together, this strengthens your core muscles, and improves muscle reaction. For these reasons, many people are now using gym balls as an alternative to office chairs that promote bad posture, which can cause back and neck pain.

What are the different kinds of gym balls?

Gym balls come in a variety of different types, from Swiss Balls, Massage balls, as well as Swiss balls with stretch bands attached. These different types can help perform a large array of exercises.

  • Anti Burst Gym Balls - The most popular gym ball, is the anti burst gym ball, these are designed to meet all your basic needs to help improve balance and core stability while also having an anti burst rating. This means that if the ball is accidentally punctured by a pin or sharp object, the ball will deflate slowly instead of bursting, making them safer for users.
  • Massage Gym Balls - Massage Gym balls allow you to relieve tension and relax your muscles while also giving you all the benefits of a normal gym ball.
  • Gym Ball with Stretch Handles - With the attachment of stretch handles, you can now perform light resistance exercises while using the gym ball. This results in teaching your body to balance itself while performing another exercise, creating a more effective workout as you have to keep yourself stabilized by activating more muscles.
  • Commercial Grade Gym Balls - Commercial grade gym balls are designed to be far stronger that normal gym balls, being able to support large amounts of weight upon them. This enables users to perform weighted exercises on the gym ball safely and effectively.
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