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Dual Action Door Gymbar

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Dual Action Door Gymbar
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Dual Action Door Gymbar Description

Dual Action Door Gymbar

The Dual Action Door Gymbar is easily mounted to doorways for chin-ups, back stretching exercises and sit-ups and is easily removable when not in use. Featuring rubber stoppers as to not damage your door frame, each end can be twisted to extend to up to a full meter, making it the perfect addition to any athletes bedroom!

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

  • Rubber Stoppers at each end protect door frame from damage

  • Contoured Foam Grip Handles

  • Strong Stable Design

  • Easily Removed & Stored

  • Adjustable width to fit most doorway frame sizes (63cm to 100cm)

  • Holds up to 100kgs



This Azuni Dual Action Door Gymbar features as an OPTION, two small slots that can be screwed into the door way to secure it in, making it a benchmark in safety. As chin-ups and pull-ups are the most efficient upper body compound exercises and are the hallmarks of any strength athlete, a gymbar that you can secure around the house is essential.

With a chin-up bar an athlete is able to build explosive power with stronger lats, traps, rhomboids, rear deltoids, biceps, triceps, forearms, hands, grip and fingers with the intensity of these exercises. No other exercise works so many different muscle groups. Develop a strong six-pack and obliques with hanging leg raises and hanging side-crunches.

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