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Agility Reaction Ball
Agility Reaction Ball Agility Reaction Ball Agility Reaction Ball In Packaging
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Agility Reaction Ball Description

Looking to improve hand eye coordination and agility? With the Agility Reaction Ball, there's never been a better way to improve your skills. Learn to anticipate movement, quicken your reflexes and improve your overall coordination – essential for anyone involved in sports such as cricket or baseball.

  • Strong Rubber Mould

  • Numerous Angles of Movement

  • Weight: 160g

  • 10cm Diameter

By simply throwing the reaction ball between multiple users or alternatively bouncing against a wall or flat surface, the ball's shape will result in an unpredictable counter-bounce. Attempting to catch and predict the movement of the reaction ball will serve to improve reaction time, agility, movement prediction and hand-eye coordination. It's also a rare fun activity to be enjoyed either in groups or alone.


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