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Beast 2Shredded
Beast 2Shredded Thermogenic Powder Beast 2Shredded Thermogenic Powder Nutritional Information
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Beast 2Shredded Description

Beast has delivered a cutting edge thermogenic powder that sets a new standard. 2Shredded uses quality, premium ingredients to help melt away your unwanted body fat, suppress your appetite, supports your body's natural diuretic and thyroid functions as well as boosting your energy levels. These effects combined together help assist your body in its ability to burn away fat and get that lean, chiselled look you are after.

2Shredded Benefits

  • Thyroid Support to elevate your body's metabolism
  • Boost energy
  • Increase body temperature for thermogenisis
  • Natural Diuretic support
  • Appetite suppressant to stop hunger cravings

Nutritional Information

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