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BPM TestoMaxxx Description

TestoMaxx stands out from the crowd as a superior supplement desgined to improve "test" levels. BPM TestoMaxx contains the finest "test" -supporting ingredients available, developed for bodybuilders, strength athletes and gym enthusiasts to promote muscle growth associated with optional "test" levels.

Key Benefits:

  • The Most Scientifically Advanced Formulation for Testosterone Enhancement
  • For Men Who Desire to Build Muscle and Strength
  • For all Men to Support enhanced Testosterone Levels
  • Contains Bulbine Natalensis Extract, Sodium D-aspartic Acid, Tribulus Terrestris Extract (Protodioscin), Turkesterone, 6-Keto-Diosgenin, and 5-Methyl-7-Methoxyflavone
For anyone looking to pack on new pounds of lean muscle, TESTOMAXXX may be the anabolic sledgehammer to obtain muscle strength gains never before thought possible, thus revealing noticeable changes in the mirror.
BPM Labs ensures optimal potency by precisely standardizing all herbal based ingredients to the correct active constituents and using adequate dosages to produce results. TESTOMAXXX contains a comprehensive ingredient formulation that fully supports the three testosterone-signalling pathways required to maximize testosterone levels in men: 
  • A unique standardized extract of Bulbine Natalensis
  • A ratio of 100:1 for the following active compounds: not less than 50% steroidal saponins, 10% sterols, and 2.5% sterolins 
  • This suggests that TESTOMAXXX may produce stratospheric enhancements in testosterone levels much higher than ever before thought possible.
Several studies have documented the ability of a potent Tribulus Terrestris extract (Protodioscin) to enhance the production of LH, which is the direct hormonal trigger for testosterone production. Unlike most low potency Tribulus products on the market, TESTOMAXXX contains the highest standardized version of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract available: 60% Protodioscin, 70% Furastanol saponins, 90%Total saponins content.

TESTOMAXXX also contains:

  • 3 gram serving of Sodium D-aspartic acid, a clinically proven testoterone improving ingredient.
  • Studies suggest that this exact dosage supports enhanced levels of LH and testosterone.
  • 6-keto-diosgenin (25R spirostan-5a-diol-6-one-3-one) Undecanoate
  • 5-methyl-7-methoxyflavone,
  • Turkesterone, which is one of the primary active constituents in Rhaponticum Carthamoides extract (RCE).
  • Turkesterone has been used by elite Russian athletes since the early 1970s to enhance the anabolic activity of testosterone

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