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Calf Stretcher
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Calf Stretcher Description

Calf Stretchers are devices that isolate the calf muscles to achieve a complete stretch, especially the muscles attached to the Achilles tendon. With the Azuni Calf Stretcher you can rock your way to a firmer lower leg with enhanced flexibility and help prevent injuries. As the lower leg is notoriously hard to target without specific exercises that isolate a particular area, calves begin to resist heavy exercise through everyday use. The lower leg is an essential area for running, walking, cycling and many other activities and so it's important to make sure this area is kept firm, strong and stretched out daily.

  • Strong Plastic Construction
  • Non Slip Contact Surface
  • Padded Underside
  • Easy to Use

Stretching not only increases muscle flexibility, strength and balance however. It also helps prevent future injuries. The Calf Stretcher works out the whole of the lower leg stretching your calf muscles, ankles and Achilles tendons, so it's great for those of us who are extensively involved in activities such as swimming or running and need to keep our legs in prime condition.




Put one foot on the calf stretcher and slowly rock your heel back as far as you can without causing pain.

Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds.

For added support stand by a wall or something to support yourself while performing the stretch.

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