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Dual Large Ab Wheel

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Dual Large Ab Wheel
Dual Large Ab Wheel


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Dual Large Ab Wheel Description

The Dual Large Ab Wheel allows you to train and work your abdominal muscles. With heavy-duty handles and big dual wheels, it can be used by either your hands or feet. Unlike other double ab-wheel, on this ab-wheel the wheels are large, with a 30cm diameter. The bigger the wheel, the more stable it is to use when doing the abdominal exercises.

Features of the Dual Large Ab Wheel include:

  • Heavy duty handle grips and wheels.
  • Large 30cm diameter wheels - easier to use and more stable.
  • Wheels have a rubberised, rough, non-slip edge
  • Can be used by hands (handlebars) or feet (foot holders).
  • Handlebars have a foam grip coating.


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