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Egg, Rice, Pea and Soy Protein

Egg Protein Powder is made from dried egg whites (albumen). It is naturally high in protein. Egg White Protein has a high bio-availability, meaning that most of the protein is easily digested and used by the body.

Rice protein is a vegetarian, gluten-free protein that, for some, is more easily digestible than whey protein. Rice Protein is not a complete protein, (unless other proteins are added to the powder), and is generally low in the essential amino acid isoleucine. However, Rice Protein is often more easily digested than whey protein, and shares with soy the advantage of being completely vegan.

Soy protein is manufactured from soybeans, and is a suitable alternative to whey protein. It is a complete protein source, in that it provides all the required amino acids for human nutrition. The most popular type is in an isolate form, namely soy protein isolate. However, Soy Protein is controversial, as there are conflicting studies reporting that Soy Protein may increase estrogen levels in the human body.

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