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Elite Labs IsoBlend Protein Description

100% IsoBlend

Give your body the nutrients it need to build strength, lean muscle and aid recovery with 100% IsoBlend from Elite Labs. Using the purests of muscle building proteins available, 100% IsoBlend delivers 25 grams of sustained release protein isolates with zero sugars, fats, lactose, gluten and artificial colours. Filtered four times more than competitors through micro filters, all lactose and gluten is removed from IsoBlend, allowing for people with an allergy to gluten or lactose to rest at ease. To further help with digestion, 25mg of Protease is added, an enzyme that helps with protein digestion to eliminate any digestive discomfort some people experience after drinking a protein shake.

Get More Protein in Every Scoop!

Other proteins use unwanted fats, sugars and other impurities that reduce the amount of pure protein actually in your shake. 100% IsoBlend's formula delivers 25 grams of pure protein in every 28 gram serve, making each serve 90% protein. This is done through the highly advanced filtration process that removes all unwanted impurities from the powder, giving you more protein in every scoop.

All-Day Growth and Recovery Support

In order to effectively build muscle, those muscles require protein at all times. For this reason, IsoBlend includes four ultra pure proteins to give your muscles protein now and for 8 hours afterwards. Each scoop contains whey protein hydrolysate, milk protein isolate and egg protein isolate, rich with amino acids and glutamine, This is the perfect protein to support your strength and muscle gaining goals.

Perfect for Anyone Sensitive to Lactose and Gluten

100% IsoBlend is lactose and gluten free. All lactose and gluten are removed through a thorough advanced technology micro filter technique, giving you a protein suitable for anyone with a lactose or gluten allergy.

Elite Labs Isoblend

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