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Equinox Tanning Lotion
Equinox Tanning Lotion - Both Sizes


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Equinox Tanning Lotion Description

Equinox Tanning Lotion is a formula designed for people who suffer from dry skin and is made from the finest hypoallergenic ingredients providing you with a great moisturising effect. When used correctly, Equinox Tanning Lotion provides a natural looking tan that will last for days – all within 6 hours.

- Does Not Streak

- Skin Feels Clean and Refreshed

- Provides the Best Looking Natural Tan

- For Men & Women

- Perfect for Athlete Models, Dancers & Body Builders

- Australian Made!

Equinox Tanning Lotion doesn't streak along the skin and provides it with a refreshed and overall clean feeling after application. To ensure the tanning effect, it is advised that you do not swim, shower or exercise for 3 hours after application. For a darker tan, simply re-apply after the first 3 hours. Easy!

Perfect as a base tan for Body Builders or just a great looking tan for Dancers and Models, Equinox Tanning Lotion is suitable for both men and women and is available in two sizes depending on how deep tan you require and how often you will need to re-tan. (251ml & 502ml)

Directions for Best Results:

  1. Apply lotion over clean dry skin. Ex-foliating is recommended

  2. MASSAGE a small amount evenly into the areas of skin you wish to tan. Don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap after use

  3. Overlap treated areas to obtain an even tan

  4. Do not use heavy coats on ankles, elbows or knees etc. As these areas will become darker

  5. Pale skin may require extra coats. Apply extra coats for a deeper darker tan. Allow 3hrs between coats. Showering between coats is recommended

  6. Apply as required to maintain a natural looking tan

  7. Tan will start to develop after 3-4 hrs but will develop to maximum after 8 hrs

  8. Do not shower, swim or exercise for at least 3 hrs after applying

  9. Allow adequate drying time before wearing clothes

Please read label for safety information before use.

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