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Excalibur 180cm Boxing Bag (6ft)

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Excalibur 180cm Boxing Bag (6ft)
Excalibur 180cm Boxing Bag (6ft) Excalibur 180cm Boxing Bag (6ft) - Logo Excalibur 180cm Boxing Bag (6ft) - Cable Attachment Excalibur 180cm Boxing Bag (6ft) - Steel Links Excalibur 180cm Boxing Bag (6ft) - Zip Excalibur 180cm Boxing Bag (6ft) - Interior Stuffing
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Excalibur 180cm Boxing Bag (6ft) Description

The most recognised and recommended training instrument for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Boxers, Excalibur's range of Boxing Bags come in a range of sizes and materials, making them the perfect choice for your boxing needs. The 6' (180cm) is produced from a tough Red Vinyl providing the perfect resistance and material to take the brunt of your boxing workouts. Including cables and their attachments, these bags are set with everything you need to start your training.

  • Filled with Recycled Material

  • Tension Band

  • Access to Stuffing

  • Tough Material

  • Superior Quality

Both designs of bag have a secured and protected zip that allows you to access the stuffing within them. Should the interior of the bag become lumpy or simply lose resistance, simply access the stuffing and replace.

A number of seams around tension zones are double stitched for your peace of mind, furthering the quality of the vinyl and leather. The cable attachments are also double stitched and are connected to a strong heavy duty metal chain, meaning you're ready from the moment you're home to mount and being training.

The material choices themselves were picked for their toughness and ability to withstand pressure and brunt over long periods of time. Weighing 60 kilograms, the bags are manufactured with strength and quality in mind.

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