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Excalibur PU Boxing Gloves
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Excalibur PU Boxing Gloves Description

Made from a soft Polyurethane vinyl material, the Excalibur PU Boxing Gloves are tough, durable and feel like soft leather. With their black and red colour scheme featuring a dynamic X they also look as great as they feel. With the genuine feel of premium leather boxing gloves, these gloves are of made to an immense high quality and available at Fitness Market at an excellent price.

  • Inner lining: Sweat Repellent Taffeta

  • Outer Material: Polyurethane

  • 4cm Thick Injection Mould over fingers, knuckles and thumb

  • All Seams Double Stitched

  • 10cm Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap

  • Cushioned Wrist Support

  • Separated Thumb with Extra Dense Padding

  • Tip of Thumb Fixed to Glove for Safety

  • Open Split Palm for Airflow and Sweat Reduction

The outer padding of the Polyurethane is balanced with an immensely soft and silky Taffeta lining which is also sweat repellent and with the open split palm that allows extra airflow heat within the glove is limited even more so. The outer shape of the fingers and thumb is up to 4cm thick on the larger size gloves and made from a thickened injection mould that naturally curves to the shape of a fist. The thumb is separated from the fingers for extra movement and dexterity but also attached at the tip to the rest of the mould to prevent jarring and impact damage.

All seams along the glove are double stitched for quality and durability with the open split palm part of the glove featuring an extra padded lining for wrist protection. The wrists are mostly fortified by the extended Velcro wrist strap which can be adjusted for comfort and a close fit.

Considering the immense quality of these gloves, at Fitness Market you'll find them at an even more amazing price. These gloves come in a pair of two.

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