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Exercise Benches and Weight Benches

Comfortable exercise benches available to buy

An exercise bench is an adjustable piece of strength equipment designed for use in weight training. The weight bench supports your body while you lift the weights, ensuring you are in a stable and secure position during your workout. It can be fixed or adjustable and the steel frame can vary in quality, from light-weight to heavy-duty, and the padding can also vary from thin to thick.
At Fitness Market, we carry an impressive range of high quality benches with adjustable, incline and decline backs. Exercise benches and weight benches are available in various designs through our stores - from basic flat benches right through to adjustable models with bar support racks.
No matter what type of training bench you are looking for, at Fitness Market we have the right model available at some of the best prices. We aim to provide a good range that suit your needs. Should you be looking for a specific brand or type, then contact us and we will get the right one for you. Browse our range of benches below...

Why use an exercise bench?

Exercise bench's allow you to perform a large number of exercises with strong back support to help improve your strength, keep you healthy and fit, and keep you safe. A bench can come in flat, incline and decline styles, which can cater to all your strength training needs.

What are the different types of weight benches?

Each bench will have slightly different features to provide the support that you need when lifting heavy weights. Some of the features to look out for are:

  • Size and weight of the bench frame,
  • Thickness of the padding,
  • Levels of adjustment on the backrest and seat,
  • Whether there is an option for ankle lock-in or a preacher pad,
  • Does the bench have barbell supports?
  • Does the bench have transport wheels to move it around?
  • In general, a bench is reflective of the price and the more you spend on a bench, the more likely it is to be useful with higher quality. At Fitness Market, we have a range of benches with high-quality frames and padding.

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