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GAT Muscle Martini

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GAT Muscle Martini
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GAT Muscle Martini Description

What is GAT Muscle Martini Amino Drink?

Muscle Martini is a powdered amino drink with added anti-oxidants to build lean muscle and keep you feeling fresh.

Muscle Martini makes the ultimate, healthy,  guilt free treat between meals. With unreal flavours, packed with beneficial nutrition in every serve, Muscle Martini is aided by anti-oxidants to keep you healthy and build some quality lean muscle.

There is a large array of reason why Muscle Martini is fast becoming one of the most popular Amino Drinks around, here's why.

Focused on promoting quality strength and muscle size, the extremely absorb-able Essential and Branch Chain Amino Acids make up the best Amino Drink around, but it doesn't stop there.

This powerful amino blend is boosted with the addition of an antioxidant with 17 times the power of pomegranate! and with L-Ornithine, Alpha-ketoglutarate and Trans-Alanyl-Glutamine, it’s anti-catabolic meaning you don't stop growing!

This makes GAT Muscle Martini the go to Amino drink for promoting, building and recovering your Lean Muscle Mass!

Why use GAT Muscle Martini?

  • #1 Healthy, guilt-free, between meal treat!
  • Clinically Based Formula.
  • 5 Fantastic Flavours!
  • Preserve lean Muscle and alleviate cravings.
  • Make pre-contest a breeze.


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