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Giant Delicious Casein Powder
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Giant Delicious Casein Powder Description

Casein protein is a slow release protein, the slow digesting and release of the protein allows your body to keep repairing all night while you sleep. This allows your body to build and recover to it's fullest potential. Giant Sports have perfected the flavour of Delicious Casein, having protein drinks is no longer a chore, its a treat.

Due to a complex protein blend, this slow-release protein is suitable as a post-workout shake or as a night-time protein drink. 

Key Benefits of Delicious Casein are:

  • 24 grams of slow-digesting protein
  • Low carbs
  • Added BCAAs
  • Gluten free

This "Delicious Casein" is available at Fitness Market in Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana Flavours and has two size options 900g (27 servings) and 2.2kg (66 servings).


Add one to two level scoops to cold water for a post-workout supplement. Additionally, it can be consumed throughout the day as required.

Delicious Casein

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