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Giant Sports Delicious Protein
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Giant Sports Delicious Protein Description

"Giant Sports Supplements" has upped the marque in Sports Nutrition game forever with what is destined to immediately become the new standard for taste & texture in protein powder supplements. From your very first taste, we’re sure you’ll completely agree that Delicious Protein is exactly that, with the amazingly rich and deeply satisfying flavour unique to only Giant Sports Delicious Protein.
With the macro-nutrient profile of a TRUE WHEY PROTEIN POWDER and not something labelled as a protein powder, Delicious Protein is a premium blend of protein concentrates, isolates and caseinates.

Each scoop of Giant Sports Delicious Protein contains:

  • 27 grams protein.
  • Only 4 grams of carbohydrate.
  • Only 2g of fat.
  • A five-stage blended protein formula optimized for timed nitrogen dispersion, continual muscle feeding and body recomposition*.
  • Is 100% gluten-free to minimize GI discomfort, cramping and maximize digestibility*
  • No added sugars and no maltodextrin.
  • Is enhanced with added BCAA’s to heightened lean muscle development and optimise recovery time*.

The perfect protein supplement for men and women alike, for anyone looking for a pre-workout or post-workout protein supplement, a dieting aid or just as a delicious and nutritious “snack between meals” - Giant Sports Delicious Protein offers nutrition solutions for virtually everybody regardless of their physique and athletic goals. This product will rapidly become the pre-eminent choice of those who rely heavily on protein powders for any reason because of it’s unparalleled taste and stellar macro nutrient profile.

But How Could It Possibly Taste That Good?

Only truly superior and refined palates with a wealth of experience in product flavouring, formulation and texture could conceive and execute a product that tastes this incredible. We challenge you to compare the taste of Giant Sports Delicious Protein to any other protein powder in the market - even against even the most carbohydrate heavy and fat laden so called “protein powders” - even against meal replacements and high calorie weight gainers. We’re totally confident you’ll agree that this is undeniably the very best tasting protein based supplement. Conceived from the team who brought you so many great products you already know and love comes the pinnacle of protein powders - Giants Sports Delicious Protein - combining an outstandingly healthy and useful macro nutrient profile with the most incredibly rich, delicious and satisfying taste in history of protein powders.

Giant Sports Delicious Protein is produced under exacting standards in a facility that is fully GMP compliant and Certified for Sport by the NSF. Delicious protein has also been reviewed approved for safety by a physician who is Board Certified in Preventive Medicine and Licensed to practice in the United States of America.


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