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Hard Mass Gainer Protein Powder

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Hard Mass Gainer Protein Powder
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Hard Mass Gainer Protein Powder Description

What is it?

Hard Mass from Inner Armour is a ground-breaking, mass-gaining, body-changing, weight-gaining protein powder.

What are the key elements of Hard Mass Gainer from Inner Armour:

  • 50g PROTEIN
  • 267g CARBS
  • 1277 CALORIES

HARD MASS™ Lean Muscle Series

Turn Every Workout, Every Set, Every Rep Into A Massive Muscle-Building Muscle Gaining Event!* HARD MASS™ uses some of the latest scientific research in the world. HARD MASS™ is loaded with the scientifically proven ratio of Carbohydrates to Protein to insure maximum lean gains. HARD MASS™ provides muscle dependent amino acids. This power packed blend of muscle enhancing compounds takes your muscle building potential to another level!*

HARD MASS™ Targeted Ingredients Feature

PRECISION PRO™ (Amino Acid Ratio Specific Protein Complex) This advanced protein blend uses a groundbreaking ratio of specific proteins to achieve the desired amino acid profile necessary to trigger an anabolic muscle building reaction, while also achieving an anti-catabolic muscle protecting reaction. This balance is the most critical thing to a bodybuilder as it helps maintain what is called “positive nitrogen balance”. Translation – Muscle Growth.*


High Molecular Weight Carbohydrate and Nutrient Uptake Breakthrough WaxySpeed™ with Waxy Maize carbohydrate technology dramatically helps the speed at which amino acids, protein, carbohydrates, creatine and other critical nutrients pass through the stomach, while also increasing the amount that are absorbed.* This carbohydrate technology acts like an internal vacuum by pulling nutrients and water directly into muscle faster.* This “vacuum like process” is activated by its high molecular weight and allows your body to absorb much greater amounts at an incredibly fast rate.*

Suggested Use

Mix 4 Scoops of HARD MASS™ with 27oz (800 ml) of your favorite beverage with a spoon or blender. Use one serving between meals and immediately after intense exercise. This formula is highly concentrated, and due to its potency, you may want to consider using 1/2 serving 2 or 3 times a day.

Inner Armour Blue Series Hard Mass Gainer

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