Home Gyms

Gym stations designed to fit into your home or office.

Home Gyms or cable multi-gyms are the perfect all-in-one weight training solution. Their compact size makes them a suitable addition to your home or office no matter in which room it's located.
Home Gyms are cabled strength equipment that contain adjustable, selectable weights stacks, allowing you to easily select the amount of weight being lifted during your workout. A home gym is safe, reliable, and self-guided machine that can be used in almost any room in your home, office or apartment complex. Browse from our range below...

High quality and compact cabled gym machines.

A home gym is really a compact unit of equipment designed to perform many exercise functions at the one station. These are also called multi-gyms - workstations designed to fit into a rumpus room, basement or garage so that you can do weight training at home. The weights are contained in a stack and on guided rails. The user simply selects the desired weight in the stack for each exercise using a selector pin. The cables run through a series of pulleys connected to the weight stack. You pull on the relevant end of the cable using handles or bars to perform your exercise. Most people use the term multi-gyms or "home gyms".

What are the features of a home gym machine?

The most-popular, mid-range multi-gyms usually include the following features:

  • adjustable bench for sitting or reclining.
  • stacked metal weights with pin selection for load.
  • pull-down bars mainly for the lat pull-down back exercise.
  • press bars for pushing and pulling, for shoulders, arms and back.
  • leg extension system for quadricep muscles of the thigh.
  • leg curl system for exercising the hamstrings at back of the thigh.
  • seated cable row system for back and arms exercise.

You have many options in setting up a home gym, but the choices for weight training mostly fall into the strength category. These gym stations are the ideal solution for weight training at home.

If you require specific advice or information, then please contact us at Fitness Market and we will be pleased to help you choose a good home gym machine.

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