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iFit Active - 3-in-1 Activity Tracker


iFit Active - 3-in-1 Activity Tracker
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iFit Active - 3-in-1 Activity Tracker Description

iFit Active is your constant companion, providing you insight into and inspiration for a healthier lifestyle. Wear it as a wristband, clip it, or carry it in your pocket all day and night for a personal calorie counter, fitness tracker, pedometer and motivator – all in one. The wearable device and the iFit Active mobile app work together to track your daily activity, sleep and nutrition, giving you the tools and convenience you need to improve your health and fitness. You and iFit Active, a match made in heaven.

iFit Active monitors your:

  • Activity

iFit® Active tracks every step you take and your total distance traveled each day, so you know what you've done and what you need to do to reach your goals. The vibrant LED clearly displays your steps, distance and percentage of goal complete in real time.

  • Net Calories

At any time of the day, you'll know if you're burning and consuming calories in a healthy, harmful, or weight loss range. iFit® Active displays a Net Calorie score, measuring the difference between your calorie intake against your calories burned to help you stay on track.

  • Sleep

iFit® Active automatically changes to night mode to record your sleep time and patterns. Clear charts in the Active app help you review your data to help you find the optimal amount of sleep for focus, health and peak performance.

  • Goals

Set personal goals and view your progress for activity, sleep, calories, and net calories. With iFit® Active, you can see your progress in real time to help you make better nutrition choices throughout the day and to prompt you to move more to reach your goals.

iFit Active - activity monitor iFit Active - activity monitor

Performance Specs

LED Screen

Clearly see messages, tips and current stats right on the device.

Wireless Sync

Smart tracker syncs wirelessly with mobile apps and iFit profile using BLE technology.

Sync with iFit

All of your activity and stats wirelessly upload to the app and your profile on iFit.com.

Adjustable Wrist Band

Find the right fit with watch-style band adjustment.

Accessory Clip Included

Personalise your experience by wearing the smart tracker device in the included accessory clip.

Rechargeable Battery

Smart tracker battery has a five-day life between charges and recharges using a USB cable.

Water Resistant Design

Wear it while you work out as the band is sweat resistant.

Automatic Mode Change

Customise preferences so your smart tracker switches from "active" to "sleep" mode without touching the device.


Includes 1 Year warranty. Water resistant design.

iFit Activity Tracker

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