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iForce Mass Gainz Description

The Formula For Gains!

Building Muscle to get bigger comes down to 2 things. The amounts of calories we eat, and how far we push ourselves when exercising. Calories are the energy our bodies require to build, repair and grow bigger that they have ever been, unfortunately not all calories are equal. The perfect blend is 30% protein, to 50% carbs with 20% fats, Mass Gainz has nailed this formula to build more muscles bigger than ever!


The Power Of Protein!

Combining the most effective protein blend for building muscle, a mixture of Whey Isolate and Concentrate, which contain high levels of amino acids (the building blocks for muscle) Mass Gainz is catered to help you build muscle.


Real Carbohydrates = Best Mass Gainer

Most mass gainer protein powders use cheap, sugar based carbs, which creates a problem. To much of the sugar is stored as fat instead of properly being used as fuel for your body. To combat this, Mass Gainz uses high quality, healthy carbohydrates from quinoa and oats to give your body the best muscle fuel possible in a powder that will help you build the muscles you have always wanted!

Mass Gainz is exclusively formulated with:


Strength, Power, and Hypertrophy
With only the most proven and researched forms of protein, Mass Gainz will  build you incredible muscle in less time!


the First of its kind, utilizing whole food carbs such as quinoa, oats and oat fibre. This carbohydrate blend will make you wish this kind of a product had been created sooner! no need for the cheap, sugar based carbs most mass gainers use that end up turning most of the energy into fat.


LipoPlex features only one ingredient. A 10,000mg dose of pure Medium Chain Triglycerides in every serve, is the Backbone to effective Muscle mass gaining. helping to increase your caloric intake, but also helps burn fat while you build your hard earned muscle!

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