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International Protein Extreme Carbs
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International Protein Extreme Carbs Description

What is Extreme Carbs from International Protein?

Specifically developed to enhance your post workout synthesis of glycogen and anabolic recovery, a key part of allowing your body to build muscle, Extreme Carbs gives you a rich source of carbohydrates to place your body in this state so you can make the best possible muscle growth.

  • Replenish Glycogen levels with Rapid, Moderate and Slowly released carbohydrates.
  • High in Glucose and Fructose to enhance your anabolic state.
  • Medium length Glucose Polymers and low allergy rice starch allows for a steady supply of glucose to your muscles over time.
  • Encourages the body to use insulin more efficiently, this promotes lean muscle mass and aids your anabolic recovery.
  • Neutral, Mildly sweet taste allows it to be easily added to protein shakes and other foods with minimal effect on the taste.

Who should use International Protein Extreme Carbs? 

Extreme carbs is highly beneficial to anyone who undertakes intense physical training programs, from weight training, to elite athletes of all sports. Loaded with energy rich carbs, you will have the energy to meet your demands, and recover better, faster and bigger than ever before.


Glucose Polymers, Rice Starch, Fructose, Glucose, Natural Cream Flavour, PromilinTM (Fenugreek Seed Extract), Sweetener (Sucralose)

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