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International Protein Natural Iso-Pea

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International Protein Natural Iso-Pea
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International Protein Natural Iso-Pea Description

A high quality vegetable Pea Protein for baking and shaking

Developed using only natural ingredients, INTERNATIONAL PROTEIN NATURALS ISO-PEA offers all the benefits of Pea Protein Isolate; an easily digested (98%) and highly bio-available protein source for vegans and vegetarians that has a high alkalinity (an alkalizing protein) while being cholesterol and lactose free. Pea Protein is a highly nutritious low allergy protein that may help to regulate appetite by sustaining satiety (the feeling of fullness) for longer periods.

INTERNATIONAL PROTEIN NATURALS ISO-PEA Natural Flavoured Pea Protein Isolate is a plant derived protein made using a simple and gentle extraction process. This helps to maintain the pea’s natural nutritional properties and balanced amino acid profile.

INTERNATIONAL PROTEIN NATURALS ISO-PEA is also available as 100% Pea Protein Isolate which is a pure ingredient, nothing added. INTERNATIONAL PROTEIN NATURALS ISO-PEA 100% Pea Protein Isolate can be used to boost the protein content of other foods such as breakfast cereal and fruit smoothies, or by adding to recipes such as soups, pancakes and muffins

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