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Nutrabolics Mass-Fusion Protein Powder

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Nutrabolics Mass-Fusion Protein Powder
Nutrabolics Mass Fusion Nutrabolics Mass Fusion - Mass Gainer Nutrabolics Mass Fusion - Nutrition Panel


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Nutrabolics Mass-Fusion Protein Powder Description

Nutrabolics Mass-Fusion Promo

Mass Fusion - Advanced Mass Building Gainer

When it comes to forcing your physique to unreal proportions, absolutely nothing compares to the evolved, size-defying science in every 16lb bag of Nutrabolics’ revolutionary new Mass Fusion formula.  Tirelessly researched and designed to outweigh the competition, every ingredient found in Mass Fusion is precisely formulated to help drive up the scale – and your lean muscle gains. 

Based on an innovative five-stage sustained release amino acid enhanced protein matrix, the core blend of compounds in every 950 calorie serving of Mass Fusion works synergistically to engulf every facet of your anabolic machinery and throw it into overdrive.  This super dense blend includes a mega-dosage of powerful muscle-building amino acids, fast-absorbing hydrolyzed and fractionated Waxy Maize carbs, and our signature SUPERFATS™ lipid complex.  These elements will keep you anabolic for hours and are designed to provide support in blasting up to your target size.

Whether you’re a hard gainer or simply looking to take your physique to previously uncharted territory, increases in muscle size are virtually limitless with Mass Fusion.

For Normal Use:

For a rich and creamy shake, mix 3 scoops of Mass Fusion in 10-20 oz. (depending on desired consistency) of ice cold water or milk. For best results drink 2 servings daily; 1 serving for breakfast and another serving throughout the day.

Hardgainer Use:

Mix 4 scoops of MassFusion in 12-22 oz. of ice cold water or milk.  Shakes mixed in this way deliver over 1,540 calories! Drink 2 servings daily; one for breakfast and one before bed.

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