Olympic EZ Curl Bar and Collars

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Olympic EZ Curl Bar and Collars
Olympic EZ Curl Bar


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Olympic EZ Curl Bar and Collars Description

The Olympic Curl bar is designed to develop your biceps, forearms andyour upper arm muscles by increasing strength, mass and definition.This top quality precision steel bar fits olympic weightplates.

  • Solid steel standard EZ Curl Barwith chrome finish.
  • Knurled handles for easier grip.
  • Includes a pair of spring collars.
  • Help train bicep and triceps.
  • Comes with olympic collars to secure weight plates
  • Suitable for use standalone or with a preacher pad.
  • Perfect if you're after big guns!
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Length: 120cm
  • Diameter of two ends: 50mm
  • Diameter of handle: 28mm

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