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Pilates Resistance Door Gym

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Pilates Resistance Door Gym
Pilates Resistance Door Gym attached to door Pilates Resistance Door Gym Door Gym - Glute exercise Door Gym - Shoulder exercise


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Pilates Resistance Door Gym Description

The Pilates Resistance Door Gym is designed to sculpt your chest, arms, thighs and abs in just minutes a day.
Simply attach to any door and begin training wherever you are.
With the Pilates Resistance Door Gym, you can stretch, strengthen and tone both upper and lower body, with the most versatile, compact and affordable strength training product available.Just anchor the Pilates door gym to the top and bottom of door.Adjustable brackets fit any size door. Use stretch cords both sitting and standing, facing or away from the door.
You can set your own training level from beginner to professional by selecting the number of power cables to use.


  • Full body workout using Pilates method or resistanceexercises for total, balanced fitness
  • Easily attaches to most doors
  • Heavy duty steel clamps are padded to protect doors
  • Variable strength resistance bands, which can be usedone at a time, or combined to add more resistance
  • Great for Pilates routine or resistance workout
  • Includes: 2 foam padded handles, 2 ankle straps, exercisewall chart
  • Six major exercise chart function as: Over The Head, Heel Lifts, Rolling Back, Bicycle, Boxingand The Hundred


  • Fasten Plate size: 105 x 114 x 2.0tmm
  • Wheel Bracket size: 140 x 24 x 2.5tmm
  • Pulley: 70 x 40 x 25.5tmm
  • Elastic Cord: 8 x 1810mm x 4pcs
  • Maximum user weight: 110KGS

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