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Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring Pilates Ring between legs compressing hamstrings Pilates Ring between arms compressing chest Pilates Ring 2 Pilates Ring Durable Rubber Tubing Pilates Ring Double Sided Cushioning


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Pilates Ring Description

By using the Pilates Toning Ring everyday, you'll be not only adding more resistance to your exercise increasing the efficiency of your toning but you'll also be reshaping your body without gaining bulk. A perfect pilates body in the comfort of your own home? Start now!

  • Engages Resistance & Increases Toning Efficiency
  • Strengthens deep core muscles, abdominal and back muscles.
  • Builds longer leaner muscles
  • Creates elegant, elongated posture
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Flexible but sturdy construction
  • Dual Cushioning on both sides.
  • Diameter of 36cm.

The exercises outlined with the Toning Ring ensure that you'll be receiving all the benefits of added resistance to pilates can achieve. The dual cushioned pads on both sides of the ring allow you to perform a full range of exercises using your lower and upper body. The ring has a diameter of 36cm (14”) means it can be used by those of all heights and shape, making this an excellent all round product for strength, flexibility and tone no matter who you are.

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