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Platinum labs Essentials Agmatine
Platinum labs Essentials Agmatine Platinum labs Essentials Agmatine Nutritional Information
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Platinum labs Essentials Agmatine Description

Considered to be one of the most effective supplements, Platinum Labs Essentials Agmatine helps assist with natural growth hormone production, lower blood pressure and body fat, improve strength and increase performance.

The core benefit of Agmatine is its ability to improve your body's response to insulin, allowing you to perform at your peak level by enhancing the delivery of essential nutrients throughout your body, delay muscle fatigue so you can train harder and longer, as well as elevating nitric oxide production for strength and pumps. The combination of all the effects of agmatine stimulates natural growth hormone in your body, allowing you to maximize your training results when supplementing with agmatine.

Agmatine also acts as a neurotransmitter and increases serotonin, helping increase your brains activity and in turn allows you to be more focused and productive. The increase in serotonin improves your sense of well being and helps improve your mood.


Benefits of Platinum Labs Agmatine

  • Maximize nitric oxide production
  • Aid recovery
  • Assist with mood support
  • Acts as a Neurotransmitter to help productivity and focus


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