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Rip 60 Suspension Trainer Set

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Rip 60 Suspension Trainer Set
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Rip 60 Suspension Trainer Set Description

The Rip:60 Suspension Trainer Set is a complete home workout system designed to get you ripped in 60 days. Coupling 8 workout DVD's with suspension workout straps and 4 bonus DVD's for extra results, this set utilises gravity and bodyweight through a series of progressive movements that at maximum efficiency give you a complete workout and build huge muscle to get you ripped. This is an official RIP:60 product from the company that brings you Weider products.

This is the Genuine RIP:60 suspension set.

Features of the RIP:60 include:

  • Complete home workout system designed to get you ripped in 60 days
  • Includes pair of workout straps, 8 workout DVDs, and 4 bonus DVDs
  • Uses gravity and bodyweight to build muscle and boost explosiveness
  • 8-week progression of movements is designed for maximum efficiency
  • Comes with 60-day nutrition guide, wall chart, and travel bag
  • includes Rip:60 Suspension Trainer , 12 DVD Workout Set , Exercise Poster , Nutrition Guide , Storage Bag

RIP:60 Suspension Trainer Set

Get Ripped in Just 60 Days
A suspension training system engineered for a full body workout, the Rip:60™ suspension trainer is guaranteed to transform your body in just 60 days of use.  The revolutionary rotating straps allow you to adjust your workout load without sacrificing form or slowing down your heart rate, burning more calories and  mitigating fatigue.  This ability to quickly and efficiently overcome your normal workout threshold is why the Rip 60 system outperforms the P90X and is endorsed by professionals like MMA World Champion Georges St. Pierre and renowned fitness trainer Jillian Michaels. The Rip 60 suspension training kit is supplemented by 12 workout DVDs and a complete nutritional guide to walk you through the 60 day process.  Moreover, it provides a blueprint for a training regimen and diet that maximizes health and performance for the long term. 

Try the Rip 60 suspension trainer today and get ripped.

Optimize Don’t Compromise
Studies have shown that as we grow older, we lose muscle mass and agility.  This is exacerbated by the fact that traditional workouts become too exhausting to finish.  However, the Rip 60 compensates for fatigue by putting your body in the optimal position for maximum muscle efficiency, as well as allowing you to adjust your feet and angle to gradually calibrate your load without decreasing your heart rate.  It's at this stage while your body is working near its capacity that you achieve total muscle activation and optimum results.

Unique and Simple Suspension Training Design
The Rip 60 is suitable for users of all levels.  The flexible suspension trainer recalibrates with every movement of your body to ensure you get precisely the workout you want with the results you demand. The system is also extremely portable. The Rip 60 suspension system connects securely on any door, fence, or bar with a simple hook.  Manufactured out of aircraft quality aluminum and heavy-duty nylon, the suspension system holds up to 600 lbs. and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

8 Workout and 4 Bonus DVD's
In order to ensure you get the results you desire in 60 days, the Rip 60 comes complete with an 8-week suspension training regimen designed by professional fitness experts to invoke a complete body transformation.  The training is segmented into three parts, focusing on strength, endurance and overall power.  Each workout DVD guides you through the process while teaching you the core movements that maximize conditioning and muscle activation.

RIP:60 DVD's

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