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Rowing Machine Buyers Guide

Intense indoor rowing in your home or office gym.

Using a rowing machine offers the most intensive workout sessions that you will ever have. By simulating the action of powering an oar through the water, they engage almost every muscle in the body including your legs, torso, back and arms. This means that rowing machines can be used for general training, as well as by serious athletes seeking an indoor alternative.
If you are interested, we have an extensive range of rowing machines for sale, whether you live in Brisbane or elsewhere, as we can deliver all over Australia. If you want to enhance your workout session, and seriously increase your cardiovascular capabilities, then a rowing machine will get you there and beyond. Choose from our quality range below...

What are the benefits of rowing?

Indoor rowing equipment provides a method of exercise that is incomparable to most other gym equipment. Almost all muscles in you body are used to exercise on a rowing machine. Your legs push on the foot pedals, your arms and back pull on the handle, your core muscles are used to stabilise your torso during each row, and the heart rate is increased to drive more oxygen to your muscles. Overall, the benefits of rowing is that it provides an excellent cardio workout.

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