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Sequoia OrbiTape Description

The ideal tool for measuring all body parts length and width. The Sequoia OrbiTape allows you to measure any part of your body with ease and completely independently requiring just the one hand using the unique locking mechanism. Orbitape is the number one choice for anyone looking to measure see improvements over time. Utilising Sequoia's Constant Tension Technology for accurate military-precision and measurement the OrbiTape is Durable,  Accurate and Easy to use!

Featues of the Orbitape include

  • Measurements in both millimetres and inches
  • Forearms + Biceps + Chest + Waist + Abs + Thighs + Hips + Calves + More!
  • Smart Curved Design for Anatomical Precision
  • Fits All Body Shapes
  • 152cm (60 inches) long

The OrbiTape is capable of measuring any part of the body, thanks to it's length (60 inches), ease of use and it's clever curved design, providing you a lock in fit around any curved area of the body.


Easy Accurate and Durable - Fits all body shapes - 60 Inches

Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about the OrbiTape:

1.) What is a body tape measure?
A body tape measure is a tape able to measure any part of the body. The OrbiTape difference is that it does this easily and with absolute precision.

2.) How do I measure my biceps?
You can do this with a single hand! First loop the tape around your arm. Now lock in the tab and press the STAR button to lock your tape in place. Simply let the tape contract and read your measurement. Too easy!

3) How do I know that the measurement is accurate?
OrbiTape uses Constant Tension Technology so there is a slight pressure pulling on the tape at all times. So when you take a measurement, you can’t cheat to make your waist smaller and your biceps bigger – the tension guarantees accurate results.

4) What body parts can I measure?
Waist, hips, thighs, calves, biceps, chest, ankles, wrists – the list is endless! Whatever part of the body you require a measurement of, the OrbiTape is ideal.

5) Why does the tape start at 5cm (2 inches)? How long does it go?
The tape starts at 5cm (2 inches) to accommodate for the curvature in the top of the unit. The measurement of circumference around any body part must also account for the shape of the product – otherwise you would receive an inaccurate result. The tape reaches out to 152cm (60 inches, or 5 feet).

6) Why are there inches and millimetre measurements on the tape?
Both the Metric system and Imperial system for measurements are still used across the world. To accommodate for our global buyers Sequoia products typically feature both systems to accommodate. Most body fat formulas use millimetres.

7) Is OrbiTape better than MyoTape?
Of course! Since the designers of all of Sequoia Fitness’ items designed the MyoTape and their calipers, all of the products have been improved for accuracy and reliability. The MyoTape's tabs can be easily removed and it also doesn't feature the the proprietary constant tension technology that the OrbiTape is famous for.

8) Can I measure body fat with OrbiTape?
You can, but you need special formulas to do so. In fact, the U.S. Department of Defence uses body tapes for body fat measurement. Sequoia has a product called the Tonus Body Mass Calculator, which incorporates the formulas using the OrbiTape.

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