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Stretch Band - Theraband
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Stretch Band - Theraband Description

Also known as Pilates Therabands, this durable flat resistance band can be used for all sorts of training exercises including rehabilitation and stretching, Pilates, Yoga and more. The bands are flexible, but tough and provide a comfortable resistance for use anywhere along the body.

By simply wrap them around a secure object, such as wall bar, post or even a part of your body while holding each end in your hands, the resistance bands will provide an excellent method of resistance training for the strengthening of specific muscles and tendons. Alternatively, grip each end and wrap around your foot or back to perform a variety of stretches.

  • Whole Roll Dimensions: 0.65mm x 15cm
  • Each Band Dimensions: Available in 1m lengths or a 12 meter roll for dispensing to physio classes with ease.
  • Thickness: 0.5mm or 0.65mm.

  • Stretch Bands in Use.

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