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Super Chin-up Bar Door Gym

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Super Chin-up Bar Door Gym
Super Chin-up Bar Door Gym Super Chin-up Bar Door Gym Box Super Chin-up Bar Door Gym Foam Cushioning Super Chin-up Bar Door Gym Possible Exercises


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Super Chin-up Bar Door Gym Description

This Super Chin-Up Bar is easily mounted to the door frame of most standard doors and can be easily removed when not in use – Perfect for Chin-Ups and Back Stretching Exercises and now with even more grip positions for a fuller and better workout!

  • Does not require any fittings or screws
  • Fits most standard doorway frames
  • Rests on the top of the door frame – no pressure on the inner frame!
  • Padded structure & handle protects both your doorway and hands
  • Bigger and Stronger Frame
  • More Grip Positions for more exercises

The Super Chin-Up Bar provides you a plethora of grip positions due to the dual circular handle bars, allowing users to target different areas of the body including biceps, forearms and latissimus dorsi. The Super Chin-up bar is bigger, stronger and provides even more ways to exercise than ever before!

By simply placing it onto your door frame your own body weight will keep it in place. It won't damage your doorway and can be installed with ease. With no drill holes or attach fasteners the chin-up bar can be simply pulled down and stored in a closet when you're done - It's that simple!

With non-slip foam grips and an even stronger steel frame construction coupled with a bargain price have made this product is one of Fitness Market's zenith products. Start toning today!

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