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Supported Sit-up Bars

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Supported Sit-up Bars
Supported Sit-Up Bars Folded Neatly Supported Sit-Up Bars Layed Out Supported Sit-Up Bars Box Supported Sit-Up Bars Box Supported Sit-Up Bars Contoured Foam Grip Supported Sit-Up Bars Straps & Buckle
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Supported Sit-up Bars Description

Sit-up training aims to strengthen your abdominal and Hip Flexor muscles and over time, giving you a tough abdomen. With these Supported Sit-Up Bars, you're well on your way, performing perfect sit-ups, everytime.

  • Contoured Foam Handles for both Hands & Feet
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Opposite handle can be used under a door on under your knees
  • Fully adjustable nylon webbed strap (strap length: 35cm)

The Supported Sit-Up Bars are an helpful aid to toning and defining your abs, thighs and glutes without bulky weights. It will support your feet helping you perform perfect crunches and sit ups reducing the strain to your lower back. It is very light weight and portable which makes it a very practical solution to ensuring you can stay fit where ever you are.

The Bars can be used either for foot support or bent knee sit-up exercises.

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