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Twist Pro Pushup Handles

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Twist Pro Pushup Handles
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Twist Pro Pushup Handles Description

Are you ready for a rock hard chest, bigger arms, broader shoulders and a steel like core? Get results fast! Quickly build your chest, arms, shoulders and back with the unique rotation only found in the Twist Pro Push Up Handles. The swiveling motion achieved by this unique handle design activates even more muscles with each natural movement while also limiting strain on wrists and forearms. The Twist Pro Push-up handles are the revolutionary upper body muscle sculpting handles that enables you to get the body you want in just minutes a day.

  • Easily Assembled and Disassembled
  • Handles can be used without rotating base for standard push-up exercises
  • Handles easily slots into Twister bases for rotating push ups
  • Twisting action also provides waist movement for improved core strength
  • Rubber base ensures stability and non-slip
  • Soft grip handles to cushion hands

Perfect for anyone of any age, this 3 function system can transform the press-up into a powerful upper body sculpting workout. No matter what your level, from beginner to advanced, the Twist Push Up Handles gives you the tools you need to build muscle and strength fast ... you'll notice and feel the difference from your very first workout. The Twist Pro Push Up Handles enforces proper form for maximum gains, helping to stabilise shoulder joints and rotator cuff muscles. By allowing natural arm rotation, the handle turns the simple push-up into one of the most powerful upper body sculpting workouts you''ll ever do.

By using all three functions, the push up handle, the rotating push up and the disco twister, you'll be giving yourself a full body workout.

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