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Whey Protein Concentrate - WPC

Best value and better nutrition from whey protein concentrate.

Whey protein concentrate WPC is filtered to remove most fat, lactose, and carbohydrates, yet offers good bio-active peptides for lean muscle growth. Whey protein concentrate products are nearly 70% protein by weight, making it a good quality protein supplement for muscle growth and repair. Protein Concentrate powder is ideal for most athletes seeking to grow and repair muscle, and maintain a good, lean physique. It is generally not recommended for those looking to lose weight quickly, as it still contains some low levels of fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

Fitness Market offers whey protein concentrate from Australian and international brands. Browse and buy from our range today to receive Australia-wide delivery and our everyday cheap prices.

What are the benefits of Whey Protein Concentrate?

In general, concentrate proteins typically have a lower (but still significant) level of fat and cholesterol compared to isolate protein but, have higher levels of good bioactive compounds as well as carbohydrates in the form of lactose. Most Protein Concentrate has approximately 55%–85% protein by weight.

Whey concentrate is also the most economical protein when comparing cost per gram of protein powder. Whey protein digests fast and easy. It contains no casein (the milk protein some people are allergic to), and whey powder is low in lactose. Whey protein contains many valuable protein fractions that are excellent for a strong immune system and overall health.

  • Minimizes muscle tissue breakdown.
  • Boosts protein synthesis in the body.
  • Improves glycogen replenishment and nitrogen retention in the muscles.
  • Gives continuous gains in muscle growth and strength.
  • Improves anabolic and anti-catabolic mechanisms.
  • Broader spectrum amino acid profile (compared to isolate protein).

What else can I do with WPC powder?

Whey Protein Concentrate dissolves quickly, so it's great for making protein shakes and smoothies! Also, try adding to it to yoghurt, cereal, protein and granola bars, pancakes, muffins, brownies, cakes, breads and other baked goods. One of the best ways to mix it, is using a Protein Fruit Smoothie, by blending it with bananas or other healthy fruit.

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