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Bodies Made Easy - Training DVD

10 Minute Solution

Bodies Made Easy - Training DVD
Bodies Made Easy DVD - Cover


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Bodies Made Easy - Training DVD Description

Bodies Made Easy - Training DVD by David Rylah.

If you have ever wondered how somepeople are able to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle and stay ingreat shape while still being able to enjoy life to the fullest, thenstop looking for excuses, David will show you how!!Bodies Made Easy is just that"..an easy way for you to understandand embrace the basic philosophy behind muscle building, fat loss,being healthy and most of all enjoying doing it. You will be amazedjust how good you can look and feel following David's training andnutrition principles.

Over 4 hours of inspirational advice with a 2 DVD set!
Bodies Made Easy DVDs takes you through a full week'straining, no fake sweat, no fake weights all real workouts the way theyshould be done.

Disc 1:
Day 1 - Chest and Biceps
Day 2 (morning) - Hamstrings and calves
Day 2 (afternoon) - Quads and abs

Disc 2:
Day 3 - Nutrition and supplements
Day 4 - Shoulders and triceps
Day 5 - Back and abs

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